Wonderfold - Independent folding hook

Wonderfold: the folding hook that will take you into new markets

Your BOBST folder-gluer already offers excellent performance. But did you know that you can further increase its capabilities by adding extra equipment such as the WONDERFOLD: a motorised hook that allows you to independently fold rear flaps?

Light and very easy to mount on all folder-gluers, the WONDERFOLD opens up a world of new opportunities. Ultra-versatile, it performs a wide range of functions on the machine and is very quick to set up. Over a hundred have already been installed and our customers are reporting very high levels of satisfaction.

If you are keen to expand your product range and conquer new markets with high added-value boxes, WONDERFOLD is the ideal tool. Don't forget: whatever your requirements, our experts are on hand to advise you.


Winning new markets

  • Improve your machine's folding capabilities
  • Produce complex boxes with high added value
  • Produce a wider variety of boxes

Boosting productivity

  • Make complex folds on up to 25,000 boxes per hour
  • Install one or two units to increase efficiency

Optimising ergonomics

  • The WONDERFOLD is quick and easy to install thanks to its magnetised housing
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