Driving sustainability

A two-fold approach

The pressure that consumers, regulatory bodies and brand owners put onto packaging manufacturers to improve pack sustainability is inevitably passed on to the suppliers of their equipment. The BOBST response to this is two-fold. Firstly, we continually look for opportunities to design, or re-design, our equipment so that it reduces process waste levels, energy use, or any potential environmental risks that its use might create. In parallel with this, BOBST takes a holistic approach to the whole process of manufacturing the equipment our customers buy from us. We take pride in the initiatives we undertake to reduce our own energy use and the carbon miles that components cover, while we also strive to rid our plants of potentially harmful chemicals and processes and to make the workplace as safe and positive a place as possible.

By taking this twin pronged approach we constantly improve the environment that our employees, clients and neighbors work and live in.

BOBST produces a comprehensive sustainability report which can be found online.


The Group’s statistics reflect eleven production facilities spread over eight countries.

  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
CO2 energy emissions
kg CO2 per m2 ground surface
25.10 24.16 22.38 31.99 24.85
tons per mio GAV*
3.10 2.89 3.14 3.93 3.93
Electrical energy
MWh per mio GAV*
11.45 11.85 11.96 13.40 12.46
Electrical energy per employee
kWh per employee
5 713 5 917 5 398 5 803 5 196
Injury at work
lost hours per employee
3.19 3.19 4.41 3.93 6.13
Water consumption
m3 per person
24.7 22.9 18.9 18.8 16.8

 * GAV (Gross Added Value)


In order to help reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and anticipate challenges in terms of energy transition, the energy strategy of the Group will be a business project to bring out the improvement potentials throughout the value chain.