Bogies & Rollers

BOBST certified bogies and rollers can withstand even the strongest forces.

They ensure perfect squaring of the blank in the machine and actively contribute to the final quality of the products.

Bogies and rollers get worn after hours of production. This can lead to quality inconsistency, unnecessary deterioration of machine parts and excessive consumption of energy.

If you are going to change all the bogies and rollers on one module at the same time, don’t hesitate to plan ahead your machine stops. Thus you can save unnecessary downtime and reduce your maintenance costs.



Boost availability

  • Replacement on a whole module facilitates planned machine stops
  • Avoid unnecessary downtime
  • Optimize maintenance costs
  • Increase belt life

Boost quality

  • Perfect squaring of the blanks
  • Optimal folding quality
  • Limit slippage



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