Thin cutting plates

Increase your production capacity, quality and efficiency – without increasing your costs.

Poor steel quality plates can result in unbalanced systems, contamination of boxes and scratched plates. Each of these effects can lead to lost production capacity, reduced efficiency and quality, and increased costs.

The BOBST certified Thin Cutting Plates (1mm) are manufactured of first class stainless steel and they offer a high degree of flatness, invariant thickness and scratch resistance. They are laser-cut with high precision to avoid operator injuries.

To cater for different environments and requirements the BOBST Thin Cutting Plate comes in three different hardnesses.

Soft Suitable for short runs, simple layouts and when jobs are reloaded less than three times.
Medium Hard Recommended for runs of approx. 700.000 sheets and when you want to get the most out of your die.
Hard With a superior quality and hardness it is suitable for very long runs, high quality of blanks, complex engraving and when top end quality is required.


The BOBST certified Thin Cutting Plates will ensure that you get the most out of your plates and for a long time.


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Improve production capacity and efficiency

Enhance quality

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