The most versatile presser on the market

Practical, efficient and versatile, the new BOBST presser is an essential solution for blank separating tools.

This presser is designed to be integrated into tools for all Autoplaten® diecutting presses with blank separating. It is perfectly suited to all "flat top" presser panels and is easily adapted to existing tooling. It is able to hold side waste in place in single-cut mode and the complete grid in double-cut mode.

The new BOBST pressers no longer protrude and can therefore be fitted to machines equipped with quick-lock pull-out frames. This means the space taken up by your tools is reduced, making them easier to store.

Finally, the high-quality finish of the presser means it can withstand over 1.5 million strokes. It performs well even at rates of 12,000 strokes an hour.

Product reference: Telescopic presser BSA1999121100 



Boosting productivity

  • Proven performance up to 12,000 strokes/hour
  • Guaranteed quality on over 1.5 million strokes

Winning new markets

  • Simple assembly, for reduced tooling costs
  • A new blank separating opportunity: single- and double-cut modes for machines with pull-out frames

Optimising ergonomics

  • More compact design
  • Simplified tool storage
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