Captiva Packaging Group moves ahead with installation, amidst COVID-19

It’s all about “timing”, says Anthony Fernandez, President - Captiva Packaging Group of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In early March, it became apparent, the newest installation of the BOBST EXPERTCUT 145 PER may be delayed due to the recent escalating global pandemic.  

BOBST Field Service Technicians: Lonnie Koehn, James Drenth, Tyson Ewart and Dylan Chandras

The Federal and local guidelines, in combating the global pandemic, encouraged all of us to stay Home.  However, Captiva Group who employs 120 dedicated employees in El Paso, TX and Albuquerque, NM needed to continue operating to support the needs of clients producing essential product for the US supply chain.  Their facilities are typically running at their peak during this time, and continues at a slightly lower pace well into mid-April.  Stopping production abruptly was not an option Captiva could consider, Captiva produces packaging for clients in the medical, pharma and food manufacturing sectors the continuing production of these essential items were necessary to support their customers.

“Immediately after discussing the topic internally, we were struck with the sudden realization; our workload will slow down in the coming weeks, and the economy will also slowdown in parallel.  Call it luck (bad luck) or impeccable timing - this event may have manifest itself as a blessing in disguise”, says Anthony.  “This is in fact an ideal time to train our crew on the new BOBST EXPERTCUT 145 PER.  Our team would be ahead of time in training, and significantly more prepared for the reopening and ramping-up of the USA economy”, he continued.

“We’ve had our share of “bad timing” after large capital investments. Unlikely as it may seem, it appears we always undergo capital expansions during times of economic hardship and stress.  During the financial crisis and economic demise of 2008, we installed print machines.  Here we are today, with a newly purchased die-cutting machine right before the Corona Virus hits, said Anthony.  

“Captiva is here to serve our clients and employees during these challenging time, and we’re proud to have a business partner like BOBST who demonstrates the same core values”, he continued.  The installation team assigned to the Captiva’s machine, have been described as “great”, for their true dedication during a difficult time for many of us.  To avoid air travel during the installation, and potentially jeopardizing the crews health, Anthony took the initiative and asked them to stay near their facility.  “They are going above and beyond the call of duty.  We know they miss their families and words cannot express our appreciation of their dedication to both Bobst and Captiva Group during these challenging times”, concluded Anthony.

Above it all, Captiva maintains their excitement in the BOBST EXPERTCUT 145 PER, and the dedicated team assigned to bring it all to life.  This is Captiva’s 7th BOBST die-cutters and nothing is more appealing than ramping-up production once again to greatly satisfy their clients demands. 

Bobst North America Inc, Roseland, NJ, United States


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