Automotive packaging

The global automotive parts packaging market is valued at $7 billion in 2017 and expected to exceed $10 billion by 2027 (1) at a CAGR of 4.0%. In terms of regional market scenario, China is the largest automotive industry in the world, as well as the fastest growing. 

On the basis of component type, the global automotive parts packaging market is segmented into battery, cooling systems, underbody components, automotive filters, engine components, lighting components, and electric components. Lighting components segment is likely to continue dominance, followed by the underbody components segment. Automotive filters and electrical components constitute the next key segment. The highest growth is for electrical & electronical components.

On the basis of packaging types, the automotive parts packaging market is segmented into reusable packaging and disposable packaging. Corrugated packaging products remain in high demand due to their versatility, light weight, high strength, biodegradable nature and easy recycling.



The increasing global demand for automobiles and after sales components has increased the developments of packaging in the automotive sector. The transition from mechanical systems to electronic assemblies continues to transform the automotive landscape and related packaging.

With a growing demand for spare parts, two trends are growing. The first trend has to do with the reduced cube requirement for empty packaging. The second trend relates to the evolution of production technology resulting in low cost disposable packaging.

The increasing incorporation of reusable packaging while packing heavy components such as underbody components, engine components, cooling systems will support market growth in next few years. The automotive industry has been rapidly replacing reusable packaging for  over disposable packaging. Development in material science has resulted in a wide variety of economic bio-degradable plastics that can be incorporated for manufacturing disposable automotive parts packaging.

Protective packaging is estimated to account for more than one-third of the global automotive parts packaging market. A large amount of protective packaging is incorporated due to high involvement of fragile electrical and electronic components required in automobiles. Since, protective packaging is incorporated only once and then discarded, it generates a large volume of waste.

Due to consumer preference for eco-friendly packaging and high cost of bio-degradable plastic packaging products, corrugated packaging products are widely adopted in the automotive sector and further expected to rise at a high pace. Flexible packaging, specifically bags & pouches segment is projected to grow at the fastest pace among all packaging products due to the large number of small sized automotive components required to be packed in lightweight and durable packaging.

BOBST solutions

From accessories to spare parts the need for boxes is growing. Graphic boxes are replacing brown boxes and the BOBST DRO range has been designed to accommodated the most complicated jobs with high graphics quality. The BOBST DRO 1624/28/32 NT RS is the most productive press on the market. The BOBST FFG 924 or 1228  are the most productive machines delivering up to 33.000 boxes per hour. For high format boxes production, the FFG 1232/1636 NT RS are the best solutions on the market. For brown boxes in very high productivity, the BOBST FFG 8.20 is the industry benchmark in terms of speed and fast order change for a fully automated complete line.

BOBST's 90SIX CI flexo press is designed to deliver premium quality on a wide range of carton thickness including heavy substrates. An array of auxiliary systems that facilitate change-overs ensure maximum profitability even for short runs and even with the largest formats. Thanks to its sophisticated mechanical and electrical design the machine can handle even low grammage which further increases the efficiency of specialized production. Narrow and mid-web inline flexo presses can handle both labels and folding carton applications. The MX and M1 are ideal presses for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and the M8 and M9 for production of boxes up to 600 gsm.

In case automotive products are packed in a tray type table top corrugated display, the MASTERFLUTE TOUCH in-line laminating solutions of BOBST provides highly efficient production lines for litho-laminated corrugated board. When manufacturing high added-value packaging in substrates from micro-flute to double-wall, the MASTERFLEX-HD is the most powerful flexo printing press in its category. This perfect flexographic alternative to offset printing enable you to manage up to 8 colors with outstanding sheet transport and super inking control.

The BOBST EXPERTCUT 145 PER die-cutter is the perfect match for medium volume production and unbeatable product quality thanks to a precise and powerful register. Even high volume productions find a solution with the most automated and productive die-cutter MASTERCUT 145 PER capable to run up to 9'500 sheets/hour.

And when it comes to flat-bed die-cutting of corrugated board and litho-lamination, MASTERCUT 1.7/2.1 is the pioneering solution that delivers higher running speeds, fewer stops, shorter make-readies, and matchless quality. Whatever type of corrugated board or litho-laminated boxes produced, EXPERTFOLD 165 have been designed to give you complete control during the folding process. With its straight-line, crash-lock, 4&6-corner capabilities and quick setting times, this folder-gluer provides the versatility and flexibility needed to meet whatever request your clients might have. The highly productive and fully automatic packer, SPEEDPACK will allow you to realize the full potential of your folding-gluing line. This patented equipment bundles a large range of box formats and types, from solid board up to double wall corrugated board.

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