Healthcare packaging consumption grew during 2012-16 at 3.2% reaching $32.53 billion in 2017. It is forecasted to grow during 2017-22 at an annual rate of 4.8% to $41.11 billion (1). Asia is the largest consumer of healthcare packaging followed by North America and Western Europe. Asia and Eastern Europe are forecast to grow healthcare packaging consumption at the fastest rates ahead of Middle East and Africa. 

Healthcare demand is growing driven by an ageing population, an increasing wish to remain healthier longer and the rise in disposable incomes, especially in emerging and developing countries. The demand for a wide range of dietary supplements and vitamins is growing.



Healthcare packaging is growing faster than pharmaceutical products due to growing demand for convenience and security features including child-resistant closures and tamper-evident seals. In developed countries, changes in regulations and safety concerns have led to growing requirements for better patient information and dose control resulting in an increase in total packaging spend. As development requirements for eye-catching over-the-counter (OTC) packaging is rising, it leads to more elaborate and more expensive packages.

The rising demand from the consumers for extended shelf life and easy to use products, companies needed to develop innovative packaging solutions. New technologies and raw materials, such as Tyvek, are probing into the flexible packaging-manufacturing units to increase the shelf life of products. R&D is focused on improving the physical and chemical properties of packaging materials. Nano packaging technologies gaining popularity are prompting the modified atmosphere packaging systems to increase their sustainability. Moreover, healthcare packaging industries are inclined to using active, intelligent, and antimicrobial packaging systems to increase the durability and future consumption.

BOBST solutions

Healthcare packaging is growing with a greater number of SKU's and more demanding jobs. The BOBST DRO family has been designed to accommodate the most complicated packages in various sizes and shapes including children's diaper boxes. The range of machines enables complex designs combined with high graphics quality. The BOBST DRO 1624/28/32 NT RS is as well the most productive press on the market place. Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) is growing at a rapid pace especially in small or low-end retail chains. BOBST has conceived a one pass stack to stack solution to produce SRP. The BOBST FFG 924 or 1228 are the most productive machines delivering up to 33.000 boxes per hour. For healthcare packaging, the BOBST FFG 618 is for small format SRP the machine of reference.

The 20SEVEN and 40SEVEN CI flexo presses are suitable for the printing of plastic films used as wrap-arounds in the healthcare and hygiene market segments. Both presses can also be used for printing on breathable LDPE used as diaper back sheets. Narrow- mid web inline flexo printing lines like the M5 and M5X can handle all-in-one-pass multi-process productivity, using Digital AutomationTM to coordinate and integrate multiple processes for added value applications. The BOBST K5 EXPERT can produce more rolls per day and provides significant cost saving innovations. The BOBST K5 VISION is able to handle many different film types including heat sensitive and thin gauge substrates. The machines in the CO coating range that are configured for the production of release liner for band aid and sanitary napkins deliver unparalleled performance at speeds of up to 1000 m/min.

Due to healthcare regulations, small size products as well as light weight products are packed in folding carton with offset printing. When these small items are showed in a table top display, a laminated board solution is obvious to combine the offset printing with the strength of corrugated board. MASTERFLUTE TOUCH in-line laminating solutions of BOBST provides highly efficient production lines for litho-laminated corrugated board.

Brand owners and packaging designers are willing to capture consumers attention. Hot foil stamping is indeed a great way to make a product stand out. With almost fifty years of experience in the design and manufacture of foil stamping machines, BOBST has remained constantly at the forefront and a reference especially for high-end healthcare products especially with the MASTERFOIL 106 PR delivering high quality and high productivity while simultaneously delivering huge savings in foil usage.

Healthcare encompass many box sizes and versatility is key - wide box styles in a wide range of materials. This is exactly what the folder-gluer EXPERTFOLD 110 does. With speed capability of up to 450 meters per minute, it's the perfect machine for healthcare products. The pre-feeder EASYFEEDER 4 will ensure minimal set up time and quick production start-up. The in-line inspection system ACCUCHECK 2 will guarantee zero-fault packaging while the high performance packer CARTONPACK 4 with CASE ERECTOR increase your productivity by automatically filling your shipping containers.

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