Registron® S 6100 - GP Register control system

Inline register control

Act before misregister happens

Registron® S 6100 is the only register control system which measures variations in web elongation and tension before the misregister occurs and makes preventive corrections even though the current error is zero.

Registron® - BOBST integrated register control

When integrated in a LEMANIC® line, all press functions - mechanical, electrical and electronic - are optimised.  Corrections are quickly and precisely done while machine downtime and waste are reduced to a minimum. The result is maximum productivity and optimum quality of the final product.

The system is fully integrated on new as well as on all existing LEMANIC® lines.

Operational efficiency

Registron® S 6100 register control system guarantees optimum product quality and significant waste savings.

  • Exceptionally precise and rapid print-to-print register control through preventive corrections
  • Simple and easy to use with quick job changeovers resulting in time and waste savings
  • Print register accuracies are independent of the number of units controlled