EXPERTCUT 1.6 | 1.6 PR - Autoplaten® die-cutter

Optimum accuracy and consistency

Accuracy and consistency in die-cutting are vitally important if you want to gain, and maintain, customers. The EXPERTCUT 1.6 offers our legendary BOBST flat bed die-cutting precision, along with great versatility, excellent reliability and superb productivity. EXPERTCUT also features a highly productive workflow which means that job changeovers take less than eight minutes – so as well as delivering the speed you need on long runs you get the quick changeover you need on short runs. Two special packs available with EXPERTCUT 1.6 further improve its already impressive performance, depending on your priorities.

Exceptional precision

  • Smoothest sheet transport and outstandingly precise cutting precision
  • Perfect stripping, waste removal and batch alignment for impeccable blanks

Impressive production rate

  • Fast changeovers for more uptime
  • Can be completed with flexo post-printing press and peripherals to create a full production line

Robust, but flexible

  • Long-lasting, high-quality construction
  • Handles a large range of materials
  • Ideal for long and short runs
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