MASTERCUT 145 PER - Autoplaten® die-cutter

World's fastest size 6 die-cutter

When only the very highest productivity will do: MASTERCUT is the most fully automated and productive die-cutter on the market. Its market-leading speed delivers uninterrupted production and superb quality of the finished-product.

Turning speed into profit

  • Handles sheets up to 1,450 x 1,050 mm at speeds up to 9,500 sheets per hour
  • Most fully automated and productive die-cutter on the market
  • Cutting, stripping, blanking in one go

Sensational blank quality

  • Unique cut-to-print register for extremely precise die-cutting
  • Perfectly cuts, strips and blanks even delicate or light materials
  • Smoothest sheet transport for unrivalled accuracy and exceptional blank quality

Maximum automation

  • MATIC with a vast number of automatic setting features
  • Allows storing of up to 5,000 job setups
  • Synchronized feeder and register provide extremely accurate non-stop feeding
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