MASTERFOLD 110 - Folder-gluer

When only the very highest productivity will do

A truly great folder-gluer needs to deliver fast makereadies, great product quality and huge throughput, something that MASTERFOLD has offered ever since its arrival on the market. Now, the world’s best folder-gluer has got even better, making it possible to produce up to a million, perfectly folded and glued cartons, in a single shift.

With running speeds of 700 meters per minute, MATIC setting, a host of uprated systems, and extreme configurability, MASTERFOLD is the fastest, most highly automated and most versatile folder-gluer available today. What’s more, its open-frame construction, an avant-garde, integrated podium, built-in safety systems and a revolutionary HMI make it incredibly safe and easy to set and run. MASTERFOLD can be also augmented by a range of BOBST peripherals that let carton makers make the most of its huge productivity.

Innovation, performance, and reliability are passions that drive us at BOBST, helping us to produce machines which give our customers a real competitive advantage. With its world beating productivity, MASTERFOLD gives you complete mastery of the folding and gluing process and exactly the competitive advantage you need.



BOBST introduces the world’s most productive folder-gluer