RS 6003 - Gravure printing platform

Outstanding flexibility and performance

The RS 6003 is a highly flexible platform of gravure printing solutions. Available with either shafted or shaftless print cylinders and different levels of automation, this versatile platform handles a wide range of substrates, ink types and job lengths to address a very broad spectrum of diverse production requirements and applications. Highly modular, it offers a further choice of exclusive options that deliver the highest productivity and print quality. 

Unique solutions for excellent performance and print quality across flexible substrates and applications 

  • Very precise web handling from unwinder to the rewinder for a wide range of flexible materials, including the new eco-friendly substrates
  • Performance at speed with both solvent- and water-based inks. Suitable for oneECG Extended Color Gamut printing
  • Choice of inking systems. High Speed Meter (HSM) roller system or Multi-Purpose Inking (MPI) system suited where the use of market-specific varieties of inks is common
  • Trolley types to best fit specific production requirements
  • Complementary operations can be added inline with printing.

Sustainability, ease of operation and fast time-to-market

  • Higher uptime from automation, fast and easy job sequences, advanced ergonomics and press layout 
  • Waste and energy savings from:
    • TAPS system for automatic pre-register setting and fast register correction from ELS and  Registron® register control integration
    • Efficiency of Twin Flow dryers with double airflow and dedicated ventilation systems
    • Fully automatic bi-directional reel splice at machine production speed. Winders energy recovery solution

  • Optimum accessibility for web threading, cleaning and maintenance operations.

Exclusive automation and connectivity

  • Different levels of automation, all ensuring process repeatability and required productivity
  • BOBST SPHERE Human Machine Interface, with common style and usability across all BOBST equipment, enabling:
    • Creation of a digital twin of the produced reels 
    • Downtime tracking and waste management
    • Maintenance programming

  • Connectivity features for full production and quality control and for informed decision making. Monitoring Apps and BOBST Connect available for full remote connectivity and support. 

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