MASTERFOIL 106 PR - Hot foil stamper

When only the highest hot foil stamping quality will do

Every part of the hot foil stamping process demands that you give it huge attention to detail, and the same is true about your choice of the hot foil stamping press itself, especially if you expect to reach the highest levels of foiled product quality and productivity.

MASTERFOIL 106 PR is jam-packed with clever features, all designed to deliver the highest foiling quality and productivity available in the market. A completely new lower beam cam movement allows for longer impressions and higher foiling quality, while at the same time guaranteeing the highest production speeds. A brand new foil unwind system makes changing foils as easy as pressing a button.

MASTERFOIL also features Power Register II, which delivers perfect foil-to-print register, and Smart Feeder, which ensures superbly consistent feeding of virtually any material.

When only the highest hot foil stamping quality will do, MASTERFOIL gives you the competitive advantage.



BOBST MASTERFOIL with Foil Unwinder is setting new industry standards for foil use optimization