CL 750D - Multi-technology laminator

Compact, easy, powerful

The new CL 750D duplex laminator complements and completes the range of BOBST laminating solutions by adding to the portfolio a compact multi-technology machine.

Compactness means minimum space requirements, fast installation and commissioning, and a competitive cost of investment that the CL 750D offers in combination with the technological advances and guarantees of total quality and reliability of BOBST existing top of the line equipment.

These include precise tension control of the webs to be laminated, accurate and efficient adhesive metering at any speeds, as well as ergonomic and environmentally friendly machine design and running.

Featuring 1050, 1350 and 1550 mm (41, 53.1 and 61 in), down to a minimum web width of 400 mm (15.7 in) independently of the maximum width, optimum accessibility to all machine sections and HMI with easy job storage and recall,  the CL 750D laminator satisfies requirements from ultrashort run production to the most critical substrate combinations using solvent-based, water-based and solventless adhesives.



BOBST launches competitively priced CL 750D compact laminator featuring world-class performance and BOBST build quality