MASTER S 1000 LAMINATOR - Solventless laminator

Superior flexibility and performance

The MASTER S 1000 LAMINATOR offers the  best of solventless technology, productivity and product quality. Flexible machine layout, ready for further customizing to best fit the user's production requirements. Uniformity of coating at speed variations and high precision of web tension controls make it a highly reliable production tool.

Exceptional flexibility 

  • Available in two different layouts to best fit production requirements 
  • Larger web widths up to 1750 mm and above upon request for industrial applications 
  • Customizable in terms of web width, winders and reel diameters.  
  • Perfect handling of different substrate types including thin alu-foil, metallized film and thin stretchable materials.
  • High performance production speed up to 600 m/min. 

Exceptional quality at high speed

  • Very sensitive web handling on all substrates types, even at high speed
  • Increased machine uptime.

Easy operation 

  • Quick to set up.
  • Easy and fast job changeovers without tools
  • Fully integrated HMI for setting, display and storage of individual job working parameters in easy to recall job recipes
  • Optimum accessibility for cleaning and maintenance 
  • Connectivity features for full production and quality control