MASTER TX 1000 LAMINATOR - Multi-technology laminator

Advanced technology in triplex lamination

At the leading-edge of advanced laminating technology, the MASTER TX 1000 LAMINATOR triplex laminator is the most productive and quality-driven solution for converters producing high volumes per year of sophisticated three-layer laminated structures from a wide range of flexible material types, thicknesses and substrate combinations.

Exceptional performance 

  • Production speed up to 600 m/min
  • Fully automatic bi-directional reel splice up to 550 m/min production speed
  • Different process technologies 
    • solvent-based and water-based dry lamination
    • solventless laminating
    • in register cold seal coating on pre-printed substrates 
    • in-register printing of up to 2 colors

  • Highest output quality from one pass processing. More uptime, less waste and reduced overall production costs.

Exceptional quality at high speed

  • Automation for excellent coating profile consistency
  • High precision in drying process control
  • Latest trolley design delivering the coating uniformity and visual appeal with all applications. 
  • Superior performance of flexo trolley for high speed coating of low grammage solvent-based adhesive directly on thin aluminium foil down to 6.35 um
  • In-register cold seal. Mark-to-Mark system enabling real time reading to detect cold seal presence
  • On pre-preprinted reels the BOBST Registron® system restores the register on the new reel in a matter of seconds after the splice.

Waste-saving and easy to operate 

  • Automation ensuring productivity and process repeatability
  • Ergonomic and environmentally-friendly machine design and running
  • Easy and fast job changeover without tools 
  • Fully integrated HMI for setting, display and storage of individual job working parameters in easy to recall job recipes
  • Connectivity features for full production and quality control
  • Winders' energy recovery solution.
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