NOVA D 800 l DA 800 LAMINATOR - Multi-technology laminator

User-friendly, flexible, efficient

Increased user-friendliness is the name of the game of the multi-technology NOVA D 800 LAMINATOR's new 2023 design. The 4 column layout enables better accessibility for quality control and considerably speeds up the operator's tasks enabling faster and easier web infeed, cleaning and maintenance.  Features of the highly efficient NOVA D 800 include availability of BOBST flexo trolley for high-speed coating of solvent-based adhesive with high solid content and the new 3-roll laminating nip. The NOVA DA 800 LAMINATOR configuration  features automatic winders, and like the NOVA D 800, can use all the trolleys of BOBST laminators, which are interchangeable. 

Compact, automated and connected

  • Compact design with lateral trolley extraction
  • The new NOVA D 800 LAMINATOR layout is characterized by a 4 colums design: two separating the coating section from the primary unwider, and two separating the bonding section and the rewinder from the secondary unwinder, granting:
    • Optimum accessibility for easier and faster web infeed 
    • Easier and quicker cleaning and maintenance operations, considerably reducing machine downtime

  • Fully integrated HMI for setting, display and storage of individual job working parameters in easy to recall job recipes
  • The operator can easily and rapidly switch between jobs 
  • Connectivity features for full production and quality control. 

Superb product quality and sustainable operation 

  • Very precise web handling on all substrates types, thicknesses and web combinations. Excellent performance at speed with critical substrates such as thin alu-foil, metallized films, and thin stretchable materials 
  • New NOVA D 800 LAMINATOR's 3-roller laminating nip for enhanced optical quality of the laminate
  • Latest trolley design delivering coating uniformity and visual appeal with all applications
  • Flat drying tunnel and perfect web transportation by motorized rollers, avoiding breakages and scratches on critical substrates like alu-foil and metallized film
  • Unique cost saving solution of BOBST flexo trolley:  less adhesive required and up to 50% less solvent 
  • Motorized pressure roller for more accurate and uniform adhesive metering, ideal for multi-roller and reverse coating technology
  • Exclusive Registron® Mark-to-Mark reading technology for in-register cold seal coating and lacquer coating, enabling real time reading and detection of cold seal presence, avoiding costly non-conformities.

High flexibility and productivity

  • Designed to efficiently handle different film and paper substrates and consumables types: both conventional substrates and those designed for recycling
  • Highly productive from ultrashort run upwards
  • Multi-trolley design for different process technologies: 
    • Solvent-based and water-based dry  lamination
    • Solventless lamination 
    • In register cold seal coating on pre-printed substrates 
    • In-register printing of one additional color 

  • Choice of simplex or automatic winders
  • Can be  upgraded to tandem configuration any time after the installation to meet the converter's changing production requirements
  • Lamination speed up to 450 m/min 




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