M7 Line - Printing press for labels & flexible packagings

Robust Quality, moving Cubes™ to the future

M7 is a revolutionary full modular concept. The heavy-duty M7 Cubes™ (Offset, Flexo etc.) move freely inside the open M7 Universal Platform™, accepting all BOBST Narrow Web Printing and Converting Processes. M7 Cubes™ Process Heads "plug in" and create every day new configurations, for "dream" multi-process Labels. M7:  flexible quality today and for the future, with robust Cubes™ without frames.

  • Chilled Drums and accurate temperature control for perfect web transportation
  • BOBST Offset Xpannd™ Cube™, experience of over 1.000 Offset print units installed
  • BOBST Offset Mini-Cassette™ technology, for fast, economic, integrated and safe format changes
  • BOBST Flexo Flower™ Cube™, experience of over 4.000 Flexo print units installed
  • M7 Cube™ fully independent, self-standing, servo-driven module, for free press configuration can be interchanged and “plugged in” in any position, on any M7 press (today available) Offset, Flexo, Screen, Gravure, Die-cutting, Hot-Foil, InkJet
  • BOBST Multiprocess, experience of multiple installation in Security, Wine, Cosmetic Label industries
  • BOBST Digital Automation™ , digital multi-process register, print and die-cutting set-up
  • M7 Universal Platform™ , Cube™ Process Heads interchangeable in minutes on a heavy basement
  • Interchanging M7 Cubes™ is fast, safe, linked to the press, without risk for the operator.

M7: Heavy –Duty Multi-Process Cubes™ can be interchanged on multiple M7 presses.
Quality, Flexibility, Total Safety.