M9 Line - Printing press for carton & packaging

Exclusive Quality for Multi-Process, "dream" Carton Boxes

M9 is built for Carton and Packaging. New heavy duty, high quality Multi-Process heads are designed for high printing quality and long term durability on thick carton substrates. Multi-Process technologies are operated by BOBST Digital Automation™ technology. The most complex Carton Boxes (multi-color/multi-process) are in production in minutes. Exclusive Carton Quality, digitally automated, flexible, the lowest production costs, the highest speeds. Only on M9.

  • Heavy-duty
    M9 Gravure head, for water and solvent based inks, quick-change of print cylinder and ink
    M9 Offset head, 7 servo motors for fast automated register set-up and ink-management
    M9 Offset Cassettes, the highest consistent quality on the heaviest Carton substrates
    M9 Flexo "Flower" head, available with metal sleeves and BOBST Digital Flexo™ automation
    M9 Hot-Foil head, digitally automated, the highest production speeds, the fastest set-up
    Stork RSI™ Screen head, for unexpected graphic effects on Carton
    M9 Universal Platform™ for fast exchange of Flexo, Screen, Hot-Foil process heads
    M9 Converting Section, with Modular Carton Cassettes for embossing, creasing, die-cutting
    M9 Sheeter, servo-driven for infinite repeat cutting length and accurate register (+- 0.1mm)
    High Pile Stacker for non stop sheet delivery at high speed (150 m/min).
  • BOBST Digital Automation™ : "cooperation" for fast Process set-up and Multi-Process Quality consistency.

M9: the "easy" automated press to produce "exclusive" carton boxes, the minimum set up, the best Multi-Process Carton Quality.