EXPERT K5 Metallizer

High productivity metallizing

Outstanding performance

  • High speed metallizing
  • Ability to house increased roll diameters up to 1,270 mm
  • Largest coating window in the industry with improved collection efficiency of 16%
  • Largest diameter coating drum in the industry at 700 mm
  • Easy to operate with an Automatic Sequential Control (ASC) system
  • Incorporates the BOBST renowned winding mechanism.

Energy saving and waste reduction

  • ECO mode reduces energy consumption by up to 50% during standby
  • Film Save mode minimises amount of film waste to less than 400 m per roll
  • 15% more aluminium deposited on the web
  • Reduced carbon footprint.

Lowest production costs in the market

  • Reduced production cycle increasing number of rolls per day
  • 20% savings in production costs
  • Maximum machine uptime
  • Total Cost of Ownership reduced by up to 25% compared to competitors.
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