Tooling storage

The Tooling storage systems you can’t afford to be without. In a big facility, working in an organized and efficient way is critical to ensure you maximise productivity, and save time and money.

BOBST offers a range of storage systems from Flexo Solutions that are essential for your factory. They’re designed to make it easy for you to store and retrieve your dies simply and quickly and they optimize the floor space. Productivity is improved by reducing the time it takes to find tools.

Improve safety and ergonomics

He Tooling storage systems allow you to move tools, dies and printing plates using cranes. This reduces the physical burden for your operators as well as the risk of damage from manual lifting and accidents during transport and storage.

Increase sustainability and tool lifespan

By storing your inventory in an effective, organized way, your tooling is easy to find and the wear and tear is reduced, thus you’ll improve the lifespan of your dies and plates. Protect your investment on tooling with the storage they deserve.

Customizable and bespoke

Our Tooling storage systems are highly customizable, and can be designed to fit your needs on-demand.

Benefits for you

  • Organization, efficiency and structure
  • Increased productivity
  • Better operator safety and comfort
  • Maximize available space
  • Complete visibility of your inventory.



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