BOBST Connect Essential

Digital age manufacturing – happening with BOBST Connect Essential

BOBST Connect Essential is the first subscription level of BOBST Connect, and it brings you an easy and smooth start into the data-driven world. It connects your machines and data in one comprehensive platform.

BOBST Connect Essential enables you to access the data you need from anywhere, in real-time, and with history available. This data offers you the power to optimize production performance, improve machine handling and even increase shift output.

As well as connectivity and data access, BOBST Connect Essential brings you exceptional technical support when you need it. Video assistance helps to diagnose electrical and mechanical problems, remotely and in quick time, significantly reducing downtime.


Performance management

BOBST Connect Essential puts the management of machine performance at your fingertips, wherever you are. It brings comprehensive production insights, including interactions between different OEE components, helping you identify and eliminate performance gaps. Automatic report generation makes reporting quick and easy, and provides data on productivity and quality losses. BOBST Connect Essential helps you manage shift patterns, and yields comprehensive, actionable data on productivity and variation in output quality.

Equipment monitoring

With BOBST Connect Essential you’ll get unparalleled visibility of your equipment, including access to production summaries per machine and per plant. You can view and analyse OEE trend values, access job progress indicators and easily track trends over time





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