LEMANIC® FCC 82 HS - Flatbed cutter-creaser

Be competitive on short runs

A large variety of shapes

In a market with frequently changing sizes and introducing novel shapes, the LEMANIC® FCC 82 HS flat-bed cutter-creaser is ideally suited for providing the necessary flexibility together with low cost tooling resulting in cost-effective operation.

Cutter-creaser excellence and flexibility

BOBST flat-bed cutter-creaser sets new standards in accuracy and consistency, quick set-up times and waste reduction performance. The new  web loop system guarantees 100% web tension control for consistent production speeds up to 370 strokes/min (22'200 strokes/h). Perfect control and transport of processed material after the platen guarantees accurate stripping and material flow consistency.

Adapt the converting process to your market needs

The LEMANIC® FCC 82 HS flat-bed cutter-creaser is also available as a web-fed off line converting line using pre-treated board reels.