LEMANIC® RDC 82 D - Rotary die-cutter

Cost effective rotary die-cutting

Consistent converting quality and high productivity

The rotary converting method is the most consistent in terms of quality. The RDC range of rotary die-cutters is designed for application in folding carton and it is ideally suited for short to medium run lengths of common carton profiles. A highly productive machine, the RDC rotary die cutter delivers more then 1.2 billion saleable boxes per year.

Modularity in converting principles

The modularity consists of one to four independently driven stations, for cutting, creasing and multiple embossing. Bobst cassette concept allows adjustments of CRC (Crush-Cut), DKC (Pressure-cut) or wrap-around to make tools last up to five times longer. Sheeting capabilities are available for very short runs using a dedicated tool.

Adapt the converting process to your market needs

The LEMANIC® RDC 82 D rotary die-cutter is available as web-fed off-line converting line using pre-treated board reels.