EXPERTCUT 1.6 - Autoplaten® die-cutter

Accuracy and consistency

High quality flat-bed die-cutting for nano/micro flute to double-double corrugated board and litho-laminated

For mid to high volume corrugated producers, accuracy and consistency of die-cutting are vitally important, ensuring that you gain, and maintain, customers. EXPERTCUT 1.6 puts the legendary BOBST flat bed die-cutting precision at your disposal, along with great versatility, excellent reliability, and superb productivity.

Not only can EXPERTCUT run at up to 6'000 sheets per hour, it also features a highly productive workflow design which means that job changeovers take under 8 minutes – so delivering the speed you need on long runs and the quick changeover you need on short runs. Two special packs are available with EXPERTCUT 1.6 which o further improve its already impressive performance, depending on your priorities.

Designed to run litho-laminated and corrugated board up to 1'600 mm x 1'100 mm, including everything from microflute to double wall, EXPERTCUT 1.6 has a surprisingly small footprint, meaning that you get high output per square meter of floor space.

When you need accuracy and consistency, you need EXPERTCUT 1.6.