MASTERCUT 106 PER - Autoplaten® die-cutter

When only the very highest productivity will do

In a market where high productivity and impeccable quality are everything, the new MASTERCUT 106 PER really delivers.

With a host of brand new systems, each designed to either maximize uptime, speed up production or improve quality, this MASTERCUT is the fastest, most highly automated and most versatile die-cutter available today. Yet it is also incredibly easy to set and run not least because of its avant-garde, highly intuitive Human Machine Interface. With its new generation SMART FEEDER 3 intelligent feeder, more powerful POWER REGISTER 3 sheet registration system and automated MATIC settings, the MASTERCUT 106 PER delivers consistently superb die-cutting at speeds of up to 11,000 sheets an hour, and considerably increases machine up-time.

Innovation, performance, and reliability are passions that drive us at BOBST, helping us to produce machines which give our customers a real competitive advantage. With its world beating productivity, MASTERCUT 106 gives you complete mastery of the die-cutting process and exactly the competitive advantage you need.



BOBST introduces the world’s most highly automated and productive die-cutter