MASTERCUT 145 PER - Autoplaten® die-cutter

When only the very highest productivity will do

Large format die-cutting, particularly when you need high throughput, needs a powerhouse - which is exactly what you get with MASTERCUT 145 PER. To achieve the very highest levels of die-cutting productivity doesn’t simply rely on speed. Outstanding performance only comes when your die-cutter is totally integrated into the workflow of your plant, which is precisely what the MASTERCUT 145 achieves.

By bringing together a state of the art register system, an intelligent feeder, automatic pallet transfer, and a data management system, MASTERCUT totally integrates tools, materials, and data, to deliver uninterrupted, high speed production - not forgetting superb quality of the finished product. With fast and easy job change, complemented by well thought out ergonomics, MASTERCUT 145 is easy to operate - and also features a great new look.

The BOBST passion for innovation, performance, and reliability are all present in MASTERCUT 145, giving you access to world beating productivity and complete mastery of the large format die-cutting process.