MASTERCUT 2.1 - Autoplaten® die-cutter

Jump into productivity

There comes a point in corrugated board manufacture when only the highest productivity and best possible product quality are good enough for you and your customers. By incorporating pioneering solutions that deliver higher running speeds, fewer stops, shorter make-readies, and matchless quality, MASTERCUT represents exactly this when it comes to the flat-bed diecutting of corrugated board.

Available in two expanded formats, 1.7 m and 2.1 m, which give extra options to your designers, every element of MASTERCUT has been developed with productivity and quality in mind. State-of-the-art print registration, intelligent feeders, and re-engineered sheet transport systems all contribute, yet also make MASTERCUT easy to operate.

Whether you choose to use it in-line with a MASTERFLEX printer, or as a 7'000 sheet per hour stand-alone unit, MASTERCUT will deliver the productivity jump you need, with the die-cutting quality your customers demand.