NOVACUT 106 ER - Autoplaten® die-cutter

For great in-line blanking, start here!

Wouldn’t it be great if you no longer needed to strip the edge waste from your die-cut work ? After all, it’s a slow and labor-intensive process, which is why the world's most productive carton plants use BOBST Autoplaten die-cutters with in-line blank separation to deliver piles of blanks straight to their folder-gluers. Not only does in-line blanking save on labor costs, it also improves the performance of downstream processes like gluing, as well as enhancing finished product quality.

But isn’t in-line blank separation expensive and difficult, requiring costly equipment, all-new tooling and lots of experience ? Well, not anymore, because the NOVACUT 106 ER from BOBST brings you a brand new – and very cost effective – solution for in-line blank separation, without the price tag or production headaches you might be anticipating.

By bringing together superb BOBST technology – after all we did invent inline separation - with our range of tooling solutions and our extensive process support network, your NOVACUT 106 ER will make you perfectly placed to reduce work in progress, reduce costs and so improve the productivity to your entire conversion operation.