VISIONCUT 106 LER - Autoplaten® die-cutter

Turning your blanking visions into realty

When you have the vision to create a carton production line that maximizes quality and productivity, yet minimizes human intervention, VISIONCUT 106 LER can turn your vision into reality. 

By removing the need for the time-consuming hand stripping of waste, VISIONCUT 106 LER helps you cut labor costs, enhance product quality and supercharge your productivity. And the benefits go far beyond the die-cutting process, because the blanked cartons produced by a VISIONCUT 106 LER are perfectly flat and undistorted, so on folder-gluer lines they will set more quickly, run at higher speeds and perform more consistently than those broken out by hand.

From its cam driven platen to its dynamic optical lateral register system, VISIONCUT is packed full of ground breaking ideas, every one of which is designed to reduce your costs, boost your productivity, or improve product quality. And, as originators of the automatic blanking process, BOBST knows how to design and build machines that produce piles of perfectly separated individual cartons quickly and efficiently, while also giving you the flexibility to deliver full sheets if you choose.  

Along with its superb technology, VISIONCUT also benefits from the legendary BOBST build quality, as well as a range of support services designed to make sure you get the most out of your new machine.

Fast, versatile and easy to run, VISIONCUT 106 LER will help you reap the benefits of automated in-line carton blanking.