VISIONCUT 1.6 PR - Autoplaten® die-cutter

Small, simple and efficient

High quality flat-bed die-cutting for nano/micro flute to double-double corrugated board and litho-laminated

With demand for die-cut corrugated products at an all time high right across the globe, having access to quality flat bed die-cutting has never been more important. VISIONCUT 1.6 PR gives you exactly that, along with the lowest total ownership cost of any machine in its class.

Built to be robust, VISIONCUT 1.6 PR delivers maximum machine uptime, while its clever workflow design minimizes unproductive time and delivers job change-over in less than 10 minutes. Alongside the renowned BOBST register accuracy which comes as standard, VISIONCUT 1.6 PR with Power Register, our state-of-the-art system for unmatched print-to-cut accuracy, even on litho-laminated board.

Small, simple, and efficient. When you need quality die-cutting, VISIONCUT 1.6 PR delivers.