FFG 8.20 EXPERT - Flexo folder gluer

The most efficient solution for producing regular slotted containers

Designed for intensive daily production of RSCs, the FFG 8.20 EXPERT aims to be the best performing machine in its class in terms of the machine's square metre output and output per operator, and also to deliver the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

The 8.20 denomination reflects the two key dimensions of the machine: 800 mm in length and 2000 mm in width (printed area). The name 'EXPERT' reflects its production attributes: high speed, fast set-up, highly accurate folding, all of which make it the best-in-class solution for producing regular slotted containers at the lowest possible cost.

Delivering consistent quality at high speeds (up to 22,000 boxes per hour) as well as ensuring fast set-up times (under two minutes), the 8.20 EXPERT FFG produces volumes never before seen at this size, being equally at home handling large numbers of short runs or fewer numbers of long runs, with optimal use of production staff.