MASTERFLEX-HD - Flexo printing press

A new standard is born

When it comes to the technology needed for high quality flexo post-print, BOBST has been at the leading edge for over twenty years. Now, with its advanced control technology and ultra-precise, automatic adjustment, MASTERFLEX-HD is challenging the role of offset printing for high added-value packaging.

MASTERFLEX-HD features the innovative new Start & Go System which provides ultra-high precision register setting, make-readies with less waste, and excellent control during the run resulting in an unmatched register accuracy between colors and over the length of the machine. An integrated iQ300 quality system checks the print quality of every sheet, and combined with a Registron S5500 system, adjusting the machine as necessary to achieve perfect results every time.

In the world of high quality flexo printing, MASTERFLEX-HD is the new standard.