MASTERFLEX-XL - Flexo printing press

Accurate and reliable - Flexo standing strong !

When it comes to ensuring consistently high flexo printing quality, high productivity and superb flexibility, the offline version of MASTERFLEX-XL has it all. Its raft of onboard systems such as ‘Start and Go’, Registron™ S5500 register control, iQ300 image control, vacuum transfer, ‘no crush’ feeder, sheet cleaner and an automated stacker, give this press the ability to deliver perfectly printed sheets at amazing speeds, ready for subsequent conversion.

With uptime being an important issue for todays corrugated box manufacturers, MASTERFLEX-XL has been built using low maintenance or maintenance-free parts, ensuring superb reliability and maximizing productive time.

MASTERFLEX-XL has been designed to be the ideal off-line flexo post printer, not only delivering superb quality and productivity, but also being easy to use in todays high pressure corrugated packaging production environment.