EXPERTFOLD 110 - Folder-gluer

Expertise born of tradition and innovation

We never forget that when it comes to using the machines we build, the biggest experts around are you, our customers. That is why, when we designed the EXPERTFOLD, we gave it the qualities you told us you wanted to see in your next folder-gluer – unrivaled flexibility, superb productivity, easy operation, and unbeatable product quality.

EXPERTFOLD is one of the most flexible machines available, letting you fold and glue more than 3'000 different box styles, from small pharmaceutical cartons to large cereal boxes. And your EXPERTFOLD is not just a carton board gluer, because it is equally at home handling corrugated and synthetic materials.

While offering unbeatable value for money, there is also virtually no limit to what you can do with an EXPERTFOLD, while it delivers the productivity, consistent accuracy and quality of product you need.