LEMANIC RIVIERA ILS® - Gravure printing press

Gravure excellence for your product portfolio

Providing up to 12 colour printing, the LEMANIC RIVIERA ILS® gravure printing presses bring major brand owners on board thanks to the ILS® (Intelligent Line Shaft) solution for printing challenging graphic design on the widest variety of substrates.

Featuring 30% shorter web path than conventional presses, quick settings and fast change-over, LEMANIC RIVIERA ILS® gravure printing presses work cost efficiently by minimizing waste, maximizing up-times and production speeds.

Superior print quality and significant waste savings are guaranteed by BOBST Registron® print-to-print register control system.

Mastering Gravure printing technology

High efficiency dryers for the most demanding packaging in terms of residual solvent content on substrate.

Optimal web path with printed side up for:

  • Avoiding turning bars for reverse printing
  • Print visibility
  • Improved accessibility and prepared web path for off line converting

Operational efficiency

  • Start-up in one cylinder revolution thanks to ILS® (Intelligent Line Shaft)
  • 30% shorter web path then conventional presses
  • P-cart concept for quick change-over
  • Sleeve-type pressure roller for ease of exchange
  • Minimal ink volume in circulation
  • 3D setting capability of doctor blade mechanism
  • Registron® Integrated