VISIONFOIL 104 H - Hot foil stamper

The real thing

In the fight against counterfeiters, the VISIONFOIL 104 H from BOBST gives you and your customers the strategic advantage you need to win the war against product and brand piracy.

Delivering ultra precise hologram application, VISIONFOIL 104 H is the perfect tool for placing holographic protection on almost any product packaging from tobacco and pharma through to software, media, banknotes, and tickets.

From its patented, high precision Registron® cameras, which bring each hologram into perfect register, to its specially designed internal foil unwind module, VISIONFOIL 104 H is packed full of ground breaking ideas, every one of which will either put your customers’ products beyond the reach of counterfeiters or reduce your costs in doing so.

VISIONFOIL 104 H - It’s the real thing.