VISIONFOIL 104 - Hot foil stamper

The machine that turns your foiling vision into a reality

When you have the vision to offer your customers more, VISIONFOIL 104 will match your ambitions. This single machine will let you satisfy both your hot foil stamping and die-cutting customers, or will help you build up a turnover of hot foil stamping work while you use your VISIONFOIL day-to-day for die-cutting.

VISIONFOIL 104 is a machine packed full of ground breaking ideas, every one of which is designed to enhance your products or reduce your costs, but also offers you the flexibility of that instant change of form into a flat-bed diecutter with stripping station.

With this world beating versatility, unrivaled accuracy, and superb productivity, VISIONFOIL 104 is the machine to complement your vision.