SL 1000 - Solventless laminator

Outstanding performance in solventless lamination

The name SL 1000 identifies a platform of duplex laminators dedicated to solventless applications. Each machine configuration has been developed to be the most cost-effective and productive solution for the user's specific requirements.

One of the hallmarks of BOBST 's laminators is the highly sensitive web tension control system which can be maintained at extremely low tolerances for a wide spectrum of flexible substrates with different physical properties and varying thicknesses. These can include different material combinations from thin aluminum foil to plastic films and paper.

Utmost flexibility

Available in two different layouts, the SL 1000 also provides the possibility of further customization in terms of web width, shafted or shaftless winders and reel diameter. All configurations provide for very fast job make-ready and changeovers with minimum downtime and material waste.