EXPERTFLUTE - Litho-laminator

The ultimate in-line laminator for mature markets

The EXPERTFLUTE is a high performance sheet to web laminator with a performance of maximum 180 m/min or 10'500 sheets/hour.

The laminator can be combined with our Module Facer MF300 (180 m/min) or with our Module Facer MF250 (150 m/min).

The EXPERTFLUTE is most suitable for mature markets with high volumes or precise tolerance demands and can be configured with many optional equipment such as MiniTriplo (doublewall), single face sheet production and Preprint (roll to web).

By means of its Matic set-up even short runs like in Displays markets can be produced efficiently.

  • Reliable, high output at accurate register custom tailed configuration excellent board quality with lowest glue consumption
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • Matic set-up, low waste
  • Short 'make ready' at job change
  • Operation by 1-2 operators, depending on configuration
  • High speed at longer formats
  • Future proof by extended optional equipment