The web to web laminator for best quality

The MICROGATOR is a high performance web to web laminator with a performance of maximum 180 m/min or 10'500 sheets/hour.

The MICROGATOR can be combined with our Module Facer MF300 (180m/min) or with our Module Facer MF250 (150m/min).

This line is most suitable for the production of high quality fine flute sheets for flexo or offset post printing, whereby the outerliner is running on the top, using a cold set double face bond (PVAc).

In this process there will be no heat exposure to delicate coated liner surface for best printing results.

  • Reliable, high output at accurate register
  • Custom tailed configuration
  • Excellent board quality with lowest glue consumption
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • Matic set-up, low waste
  • Short 'make ready' at job change
  • Operation by 1-2 operators, depending on configuration
  • High speed at longer formats
  • Very versatile production tool for

    • Web to web laminating with pre printed liner (cut to mark)
    • Web to web laminating with coated high graphic liners
    • Various special applications
    • Optional Litho sheet to web laminating