smartGPS - Graphic positioning system

smartGPS®: Set-up redefined

smartGPS® is Fischer & Krecke's unique offline approach for registration and impression setting. As apposed to conventional set-up in the press, with smartGPS®, all registration and impression related set-up is done at the plate mounting stage with almost no additional time required.

The most obvious and important benefit from using smartGPS® technology is cost reduction

The logic is simple: if you do not need to print when setting up impression and register, you do not waste any substrate, ink, solvent, energy or machine time. In addition, since the whole process is fully automatic and not influenced by variables such as operator skill level, ink variations or the interval between repeat orders, you get the same print results every time.

Speed up production and meet the challenges of the packaging market

smartGPS® will open new doors for your business. Print jobs, which before had to be refused because they could not be produced efficiently in flexo, may now well be of more interest. With this new technology, the production/setup ratio is shifted dramatically in favor of production. From whatever perspective you look at the new smartGPS® technology you will easily recognize that it is the perfect answer to today’s challenges of the packaging market.