Digital technology, for smarter converting

TooLink brings converting into the digital world. It is the new platform that connects your machines and tooling, and brings together your entire converting process to transform production flexibility, job turnaround times, and overall productivity.

A BOBST die-cutter can be data-chipped with TooLink, creating a unique digital ID that enables instant recognition through your machine HMI, and provides a production-ready job recipe – which could save up to 15 minutes in job changeover times.

Driven by industry-leading digital technology, TooLink will offer a suite of IoT applications designed to give you a complete picture of your dies, recipes and job histories. Because everything is connected, you can access a higher level of production data and insight – empowering better decision-making, and delivering increased control, automation, and efficiency.

TooLink Chip

  • The unique digital identification for every die
  • Instantly recognizable by your machine HMI
  • Stores the job-recipe, enabling faster set-up
  • Lifetime production record, so you can monitor exactly when you need maintenance or a replacement.



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