Machine remanufacturing

Make your machine as good as new

Remanufacturing your BOBST machine is a highly cost-effective and sustainable way to increase your productivity. It delivers improved production, enhanced safety through automation of key processes, and a better user experience for your operators. 
BOBST offer machine remanufacturing through CM Service, a global supplier of remanufactured corrugated board and folding carton machinery. 
When your machine is remanufactured it will be updated mechanically and electrically before being tested. Your machine will go through a process of works and inspections to ensure that it is brought back to the same standard of output as when it was released. 

The benefits of machine remanufacturing

  • Proven BOBST quality technology throughout the remanufacturing process 
  • An increase in production of up to 15%, and reduced chance of breakdown 
  • New automation improves machine safety for operators 
  • Large full-colour Human Machine Interface delivers more convenient and intuitive navigation 
  • The procedure not only doubles the lifetime of your machine, but means a reduced carbon footprint due to remanufacturing of a proven machine

Machine eligibility

Machines eligible for remanufacturing are:  

  • Flexo 1600 / Flexo 2000  
  • Flexo 160 / Flexo 200  
  • SPO 1600 / SPO 2000  
  • SPO 160-S  
  • SPO 160-A / SPO 203-A  
  • SP 142-CER 



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