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BOBST and Huhtamaki: A partnership of pioneers that has fast-tracked progress in sustainable packaging.

Sometimes in business, a partnership is formed where two company’s values, missions and skillsets perfectly align and enable real progress. Such is the case with BOBST and Huhtamaki, who have joined...

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BOBST Application Management: A new hands-on consulting service from concept to shelf

A brand owner at a medium sized snack company sits in her office and signs off on a new brand of peanuts.  A year later, a man walks into a shop, browses the shelves for a snack, likes the look of the...

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QuaLabels partners with BOBST to fulfill its vision to become a world-class packaging company

QuaLabels in Ethiopia has acquired a BOBST shaftless gravure printing press to expand its business and deliver world-class labels and packaging to local and global brand owners in the beer, soft...

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BOBST unveils innovations on the road to drupa 2024

BOBST today announced its latest advancements across all industry segments – flexible packaging, labels, folding carton, corrugated board, and services – to help its customers to thrive in the current...

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Vitopel First in Brazil to Purchase EXPERT K5 for Production of AluBond on BOPP

Vitopel based in Brazil has purchased their first metallizer from BOBST; the EXPERT K5 2450mm equipped with AluBond and Hawkeye will begin production in the second half of 2024. Vitopel will be the...

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Exploring the advantages of retrofitting and upgrading services from BOBST

For packaging converting business around the world, staying ahead requires not just keeping up with the latest technologies, but also ensuring that existing machinery remains efficient and...

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BOBST enhances the most comprehensive range of folder-gluers in the folding carton market

The folding carton industry never stops evolving and shifting, and BOBST, a pioneering force in folding and gluing technology since the 1940s, has recently enhanced its folder-gluer equipment...

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Cartorobica automates corrugated production with new BOBST EXPERTLINE

A new versatile and highly automated production line has elevated the printing and cutting capabilities at Cartorobica. Replacing an older die-cutting machine, the BOBST EXPERTLINE is allowing the...

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BOBST industry vision becomes reality by addressing customer needs

In the countdown to drupa 2024, the world's leading trade fair for print technologies, BOBST reviews some of the key themes and topics that are shaping our industry. First, we consider our own...

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Driving industry transformation with 100% process control

The key to success in flexible packaging production hinges on maintaining full control over each element in the process. End-to-end process control and high levels of automation throughout the entire...

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