One-to-one packaging

From passive protection to active communication

Packaging is on the verge of changing completely and forever because of the convergence between the way we communicate and how products are conceived and consumed. With instant access to information, from the latest news to what their friends are eating for dinner, the consumer expects manufacturers to deliver more and more information, along with a truly unique product experience if they, as potential buyers are to become customers. Increasingly, the consumer wants customized information, tailored to their wants – The ‘Me’ Channel!

From a simple form of protection, packaging has gone on to become a medium for delivering information about the goods and brand messages, as well as becoming the plumage by which the product stands out on the shelf and convinces the consumer to purchase it.

Enter the packaging revolution: although mass produced products are not customizable as such, their packaging is!

When packaging is an integral part of the product it offers an unparalleled opportunity for customization to the individual customer’s needs and desires.

Packaging design can be adapted to local or even individuals’ needs on-the-fly and unique codes can then enable the digital connection.

With the possibility to make every packaged product unique, brands can connect with consumers to promote their products, provide product information and get their feedback, develop co-branding campaigns with partners and so on. Unique codes are also an effective medium for traceability and managing the threats of grey markets.

In a business-to-business environment, the unique package becomes a communication vector that encourages cooperation across departments and businesses to increase efficiency and optimize communication between partners.

At BOBST we are building the technology to fuel this revolution and enable a completely new world of packaging.