Cookies policy

Cookies are temporary text files stored on your web browser (computer, tablet or smartphone) when you visit our websites. Web browser cookies may store information such as your IP address or other identifier, your browser type, and information about the content you display and interact with on our digital services. Thanks to the information contained in these files, you can for example, automatically connect to your user account, and the contents of your basket will be memorized. We also use cookies to understand how you use our websites to continually improve our performances. The content of cookies may vary, we use three variants: marketing, functional and essential cookies. When accessing our websites, the user is informed about the use of cookies and his/her consent to the processing of the personal data used in this context is obtained. As a user, you have full control over the use of cookies, by changing the settings, you can accept all, deny marketing and functional cookies or select specifically to restrict the transmission of marketing and/or functional cookies. If marketing and functional cookies are denied for our website, it may not be possible to use fully all the functions of the website. Essential cookies are required to activate the core functionality of our service. Already saved cookies can be deleted at any time.