BOBST oneECG – Winning the challenge of color consistency

oneECG is BOBST’s Extended Color Gamut (ECG) technology deployed across analogue and digital printing processes in label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated board industries. 

What is ECG?
Extended Color Gamut printing (ECG) is a process to digitize color matching, thus making it stable, easy, repeatable, consistent and independent of human interpretation.

ECG refers to a set of inks - 4 and beyond, but typically 7- to achieve a color gamut larger than the traditional CMYK ensuring color repeatability irrespective of operator’s skill.

Why ECG?
Brand owners and consumers perceive color variations as a lack of product quality, heavily affecting brand identity and customer loyalty. Brand’s colors should be consistent irrespective of the printing process, the substrate, and the country where production is done. Furthermore, color matching of PMS Pantone colors is often left to the ability of operators to mix the inks, adapt to the different substrates and other subjective elements. This strong component of the operator’s skill cannot ensure perfect reproduction and repeatable consistency of the brand colors.

ECG advantages at a glance

  • Exceptional color quality, repeatability and consistency worldwide
  • Flexibility across substrates
  • Immediate color matching, with limited or no adjustments on press
  • No print unit washing, ink and anilox roller changing (i.e. High press up-time)
  • Fast time to market, independent from the skills of the operator
  • Ease of operation and full process automation
  • Minimum waste of substrates and consumables
  • Better print quality due to higher screen resolution High profitability producing very short and very long runs

Thanks to the diffused knowledge of ECG and color management, BOBST is a preferred partner for converters looking for “cross” packaging applications, on multiple substrates, with accurate color matching requirements. 

oneECG offers end-to-end solutions developed in collaboration with leading industry partners from pre-press to the printed and converted substrates. It is only the seamless integration of all elements that concur to an end-to-end process, from the design file through to inks, printing, converting and the final product that enable to exploit at best the powerful potential of ECG printing, eliminating the risk of producing color defective substrates.   BOBST oneECG solutions are tailored to the requirements of each type of printing technology to ensure the successful and efficient implementation of the Extended Color Gamut process.   The design and process control features of BOBST CI flexo presses, but through the seamless integration of all the elements that concur to an end-to-end process, from the design file through to the inks, printing and the final product.

  • oneECG for inline flexo and hybrid printing  - Labels, flexible packaging, light folding carton 
    oneECG is BOBST contribution to pioneering project set up in 2013 by a team of leading industry suppliers – Apex International, AVT, BOBST, DuPont, ESKO, Flint Group, Saica Flex, Stora Enso, UPM Raflatac, x-rite PANTONE. Together, they developed an Extended Color Gamut turnkey process named REVO that flows from pre-press through printing and data storage. Today, oneECG printing features on multiple installations of BOBST in-line narrow and mid-web presses that are present in five continents.

  • oneECG for CI flexo printing – Flexible packaging, labels,  linerboard pre-print
    oneECG for CI flexo presses is an open-partnership system to multiple suppliers, developed for Extended Color Gamut printing using solvent-based,  water-based, and Ebeam inks. Leading suppliers in the flexo industry are collaborating to achieve the highest color stability and repeatability. oneECG partners are certified to ensure quality of results on BOBST CI flexo ECG presses. 
  • oneECG for gravure printing – Flexible packaging, labels
    oneECG for gravure printing presses is developed for Extended Color Gamut printing using solvent-based and water-based inks to achieve the highest color stability, repeatability and print consistency worldwide. Having achieved outstanding color performances in oneECG in gravure, BOBST has the expertise and technology for ECG-ready printing presses, whether it be a new press or a retrofit package, and can guide converters on how to deploy oneECG in gravure printing in their own facility. To assure the highest industry standards, oneECG in gravure works in collaboration with multiple leading suppliers along the entire ECG workflow in a high level open-partnership system. 

  • oneECG for flexo post printing  – Corrugated board
    In oneECG for corrugated board flexo post print, all spot colors are realized from the 4 to 7 process colors, delivering perfect color density with solid printing and very high quality on a large range of liners.  Based on a cloud application for coordinating production, oneECG technology, first introduced in 2017 under the name of THQ, also enables new and unique security features required by brand owners.

  • oneECG for digital inkjet printing by Mouvent – Labels, flexible packaging, textiles 
    Established in 2017, Mouvent is the digital printing competence center of BOBST. Mouvent has developed proprietary screening technologies for the optimization of ECG process using digital Inkjet technology. Collaboration between BOBST and Mouvent Teams allows for perfect matching of Delta E values in flexo and digital printing, on multiple substrates. Digital workflow and color matching in the production of labels and packaging are perfectly integrated.