Helpline AR

Helpline Plus AR

Need expert assistance on-demand? BOBST Helpline Plus AR is the industry’s most advanced remote assistance service and the fastest trouble-shooting solution in the market. Helpline Plus already offers remote assistance and access to machine data. And with Helpline Plus AR, you can also use a Smart Headset to connect immediately with a BOBST expert through video live streaming Your Smart Headset uses augmented reality (AR) to enable the BOBST technician to see exactly what you see, troubleshoot the problem and guide you through the solution steps in real time. User instructions, technical data, drawings and visual indications – everything you need is right before your eyes on your Smart Headset lenses, so you’ve got both hands free to work on the issue. You get expert advice on-demand – so your production restarts as quickly as possible.

A Certified ATEX-Proof tablet is also available for hazardous area environments enabling you to use with printing, coating and laminating equipment. The tablet will connect you via live-stream video and augmented reality to a BOBST Expert who will assist you and share his expert knowledge. The tablet will also allow you to transmit other information, such as drawings, images, etc, to the BOBST Expert.  

Extend the benefits: The Smart Headset or ATEX-proof tablet can also connect you for remote collaboration within your company, even between different sites.

Helpline Premium AR

Take your Helpline AR experience a step further for even more operational productivity. You get all the advantages of Helpline Plus AR – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Helpline Plus and Premium AR are not yet available in all markets. Please contact your local BOBST representative for more information.

“The BOBST expert can see the problem through the eyes of our operator, breaking down language barriers”.

Ghelfi Ondulati in Buglio (Valtellina) is the first factory in the world to use the new BOBST Helpline Plus AR, a high-tech augemented reality service solution. “We specialize in corrugated board packaging”, explains Nicola Barri, Production Manager at Ghelfi. “BOBST has helped us improve the quality of our printing, our major asset, since year 2000.”


Nicola Barri
Ghelfi Ondulati S.p.A.



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